Fyndera is a business, information and technology consulting firm.

We'll help you make sense of how to best apply current and emerging technology to your most important business challenges.

Big change requires good ideas and genuine cooperation. Good ideas are plentiful these days, so why is change so hard to achieve in our businesses, schools and government?


As a root cause for almost all reasons, we at Fyndera believe there are two basic factors;


1) when possible, people tend to avoid change that happens "to" them, and

2) cooperation among humans is not automatic


Successful organizational change initiatives require collaboration and directional focus, and getting people to work together is more likely when they help guide change.

If your first question is "what is this going to cost?", you are asking the wrong question. Let's figure out together "what is this worth?" and then go get it done. Cost will be one of the least of concerns.


We prefer long-term, retainer based relationships at the organizational level, however, the team has competencies and can help in the following areas;

  • Analytics

  • Strategic Planning

  • Portfolio/Project Management

  • Research (Consumer and Commercial)

  • Risk Analysis

  • Business Process Automation

  • Graphic and Web Design


Fyndera applications facilitate stakeholder engagement, design thinking and data-driven strategic change.


Some of Fyndera's infliuencers: