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Peer-to-Peer and Self Governance Platform

Civic Innovation

With our product SimplaCity, we help citizens and members of organizations who wish to self-govern, which can help them reduce governing expense and increase trust and confidence by using a peer-to-peer, self-governance solution built on blockchain and gamification technology. 

by Fyndera

Road View from Above

SimplaCity is about configuring the art of the possible to actualize the most compelling, valuable, transformative and novel solutions to long-standing human problems related to sense-making and governance.


What problem does SimplaCity tackle?

Centralized, detached and tone-deaf policy makers along with monolithic, antiquated or otherwise broken systems have led to a seemingly irreparable loss of public trust and confidence. The US is polarized and unfortunately, this dysfunction has permeated even down to the local level, where cooperation is essential. This top down, "one size fits no one" model is tearing the republic apart.

Building the Future Now

Using blockchain and gamification theory, SimplaCity offers a different approach to many of the core systems currently viewed as insufficient, antiquated or otherwise broken. It is a platform that supports applications being developed to promote restored confidence in those same core systems.

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