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Data-Driven Strategic Change

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"There is no greatness where there is no simplicity, goodness and truth." ~ Leo Tolstoy


Let Data take your business to where you always knew it could go

We see data as the most powerful and abundant resource in the universe. Without it, we could recognize no other forces, no less dream of harnessing them for the benefit of mankind.

In the time of "information pollution", making sense of the world and your place in it, adapting and responding quickly is no longer optional for leaders. Your data is trying to speak to you, and it wants to be brutally honest, which is exactly what you need right now.


Learning the language of your data can be the catalyst you seek for improving everything from customer and employee retention to growing your top line revenue. 


Leave Things Better Than You Found It.

We seek to improve the quality of life for everyone through innovative and creative problem solving and solution design. At our core, we want to enable betterment. 

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First Story is aptly named for multiple reasons. It is the first story of Fyndera at work in the community. It is the first story we are sharing here and it is story of the first person enabled by connecting this opportunity, technology and a desire for betterment. First Story Windows is a story worth telling.

Our tech Partners

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