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Planning Services

Overview -

We have learned that strategic planning has many proven components that can be improved upon when adjustments are made to incorporate data analytics literacy and implementation, as well as adjusting for how teams work today.  This is our approach.

Strategic Planning Bundles

Basic Package 

Are you only in need of facilitation and workshop output? We have a simple solution for those ready to do the work and just need a hand with the process. This includes:

  • Five 2.5-hour work sessions based on your  team's availability

  • Prep work including: templates, surveys, interviews and any input data reviews

  • Strategic plan creation along with training/coaching

  • A strategic road map

  • Pre- and post-engagement coaching


Premium Package 

Leaders need help sometimes. Sometimes you need some help with the execution of the strategic plan and require more help with the portfolio of initiatives that are identified. This package includes:

  • All of the Basic Package items

  • Fractional Program/Project Management (up to 120 hours)

  • Fractional Chief Data Officer (up to 20 hours)

Need a partner to facilitate the creation/refinement of your strategic plan? We help leaders succeed with incredible attention to detail throughout the strategic planning engagement. You must be able to navigate your road map with confidence the desired destination is within reach. Speed bumps and pot holes? Your plan has you covered.


Let's Work Together

Want more information or ready to get your strategic plan completed? Let's get in started!

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