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We design for "better" not just "next"

Our Services


Business Betterment Solutions

We have an affinity for solving business problems and offer several engagement options to help business owners and leaders compete in a data driven market. This can include any of the items listed on the page. Since every situation is different, a custom consultation engagement is individually prepared based on need and appetite. We work with organizations to bring new products and markets to fruition, as well as solve difficult problems using proven tools and techniques. 


Data Maturity Acceleration

We can help move your business further down the path of capability maturity and data fluency. This can include performing a Data Health Check assessment, traditional data analytics projects to even providing Chief Data Officer functionality to your organization on a part-time basis. We call this our Fractional Chief Data Officer. Its a block of time dedicated to your needs and ideas allocated on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. 


SimpliCity TM   Municipal Government Solutions

Our original focus was to make the job of the city or county manager/administrator easier and provide them with a toolkit for asking "what if we do this?" and we found that small to midsized municipalities could benefit from the same data simplifications and solutions as our business clients. We can bring a variety of data solutions to fruition. 


Problem Solving, Critical Thinking and Other Leadership Training

Fyndera's senior management team has a combined 56 years of leadership experience. Along the way, we've picked some tried and true tools and techniques that are key contributors to success for any organization. We tend to like theory, but prefer what works where the rubber meets the road. Helping you build and keep high-performance teams is a core competency. 


Employee Attrition Predictive Model

How much is turnover costing you? Chances are more than you want. We can help you predict who is likely to leave. If they are talented assets you want to retain, you will have the intel-data to help improve retention. We can assist with discovering how much turnover is 'regrettable'? We can leverage our HR expertise to help your organization understand what is occurring and strengthen your talent management efforts.


Design Factory

To solve problems, we are not limited to investigation, analysis and recommendations. If we need to build it, we can and we will. We can bring custom apps, configurations, templates and process to the table. Breadth and depth of solution capability is part of the speed and flexibility that separates us from other change management/consulting companies. As your trusted partner, we deliver on our promise of betterment using our full pantheon of options. 


What is the Fyndera Way? Put simply it is about one simple concept... betterment. Every product, every service and every engagement has one objective... let it better than you found it. Our solutions and services are filtered through the lens of our core values. Our core values serve as a compass to ensure we are success in achieving the objective of betterment. Better results. Better customer retention. Better employee retention. Better profitability. Better. Let us show you how.


Rapid Application Development

Where applicable, we offer rapidly developed and deployed solutions using Caspio's award-winning platform. We can even empower you to leverage Caspio in your organization. Caspio was named the top no-code development platform on G2’s list of Best Development Products for 2022. Try Caspio for free, then get 20% OFF for 3 MONTHS when you upgrade.

Our Analytics


CRISP-DM (Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining) was conceived in 1996 and became a European Union project under the ESPRIT funding initiative in 1997. 


The project was led by five companies: Integral Solutions Ltd (ISL), Teradata, Daimler AG, NCR Corporation and OHRA, an insurance company.

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