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Our Mission

Our mission is to "leave it better than we found it" by raising analytic fluency, designing improved futures and making measurable progress toward positive change.

“Knowing” is not enough, we must apply.

“Willing” is not enough, we must do.

Wolfgang Von Goethe

Our Core Values


Our core value live and are embedded in everything we do. Respect means we treat others like we wish to be treated. That means have empathy and compassion for every situation. Integrity means being a consummate professional. Integrity means being accountable and demonstrating ownership and keeping our promises. Service means working harder than the competition to deliver exceptional, superior service at every opportunity. Evidence is how we hold each other accountable for change being positive and beneficial. We continuously challenge ourselves to be better... for ourselves, our families, our community, and you. 


Our Story

Organic in Our Growth -

Fyndera is the brain child of founder Steve Bennett.  In 2012, Steve set out to use the lessons he had gained from his years working with data to help local business and government entities with change management, analytics and implementation services. The projects became more frequent and larger, leading to the need for resources augmentation for development and project engagement. Relationships with tech leader companies led to the conclusion that it was time bring on key players to entertain more business. We aim to keep a great thing going.

Leaders need help - 

We recognize that leaders are often stuck when it comes to "big" problems. They can be handcuffs by organization through put, capacity to tackle big problems or gain the traction they seek. We pride ourselves on being a trusted partner great leaders can count on the navigate those big problems with their interests clearly in focus. Its for that reason, we focus on quality of engagement not quantity of projects in our working portfolio. We want every engagement to be the best you've experienced from a solution provider.

Steven A. Bennett - President, CEO



Using data-driven and design thinking processes, I help clients work through their most demanding challenges to find a clear path to meaningful transformation.

I have experience serving clients in Government, Financial Services, Non-Profit, Publishing, Transportation and other industries. I started Fyndera to use these skills and team up with others to leave the world better than I found it!



Experienced Leadership



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